There is no other God who can deliver like this.”Daniel 3:29b


To whom will you liken God or what likeness will you compare Him? Definitely there’s none! Inasmuch as there is none like You, O Lord (You are great, and Your name is great in might), who will not fear you? The three Hebrew boys had resigned themselves to the fact that whether God decides to rescue them or not, their faith would not waver!
Have you been overwhelmed by your present circumstances? Hold on don’t give up because you have a Deliverer!
Psalm 34:19 – Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all. God is still on His Throne and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever!
Are you alive? Then He has delivered you from floods, winds and fires. He has delivered you from the flying arrows of the day time, the wastes and destructions of the noon day, the pestilence of the darkness and the terrors of the night! Hallelujah, you are still alive!


Almighty God, Preserver of life. There is none like you glorious in holiness and doing wonders all the time. Please increase my faith so that I’ll hold on to your promises of deliverance, and set my Spirit free from fear and anxiety in Jesus’ name Amen!

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